Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Catholic Schools, & Catechesis

A “Church of Today”

Our young people are an integral part of the Church: not only “Catholics in the future,” but a part of “The Church of Today.” 

“My son keeps his eyes and heart attuned to both the invisible and visible needs of those around him,” said Kate Bazin. “I know that his school community will continuously nurture this giving spirit.”

It is our responsibility as parents and parishioners to support young people in their fledgling journeys of faith: through Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, and Catholic Schools.

“Children often observe and learn through experiences rather than just hearing or reading words,” said Barbara Corso. “I love how our Catholic School makes sure to engage the whole child when teaching about being faithful.”

“We as a family have learned so much about our faith and ourselves.  It has required monetary sacrifice and a time commitment, but it has been priceless,” said Gerianne Thorsness. “It gives me great hope.”

How do you support the young people in your life, and the ministries in our Archdiocese that serve them?

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