How to Live Stream

This webinar is a great introduction to the concept of Live-Streaming for the first time.

How to Livestream:

  • You’ll need:
    • A Parish Facebook page
    • A smartphone with a full battery (or plugged in) and a tripod/stand
    • A strong Wifi signal
  • Personnel:
    • A priest to say Mass
    • A producer to press “start” and “stop” on the livestream
    • A digital usher:
      • Watches live on a computer
      • Welcomes people, answers questions, and provides tech support
      • Coordinates the collection (shares an online giving link)
      • Facilitates the sign of peace and other communication
  • Optional, useful extras:
    • An external microphone
    • A way for people to give online


  • Record in landscape (horizontal) mode.
  • Practice! And ask for patience. You won’t get it all right the first time, but people appreciate your efforts.
  • Ask for help when you need it; contact Anna Schulten at for additional resources.


  • Why not just send them to a national online Mass somewhere else? Our faith is a lived experience through local community. It is our responsibility to provide pastoral care and local faith-based support to our parishioners.
  • What if something posts something inappropriate? Your Facebook administrator has the ability to block inappropriate comments and spam.
  • What about music copyright? If you don’t have music copyright permissions, or are unsure about this, you can celebrate Mass without music. The sound quality may be even better because of it.
  • What if we don’t have a Facebook page (or hardly ever use it)? Now is a great time to create or revamp your parish facebook page. A study mentioned in this webinar showed that parishes with a Facebook page have a 6.4% average higher giving; those who post every day have a 44% higher average giving!
  • What else should I post on our social media sites, besides Mass? Here are some ideas:
    • Parish updates
    • Livestream prayer, bible studies, or other events
    • Ask for prayer intentions
    • Promote volunteer-from-home ideas
    • Share Catholic content from the Archdiocese or other sites


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