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Archbishop Etienne Parish Visits

In an effort to meet the people of his Archdiocese, The Archbishop is working his way around to all the parishes and missions in the vast Southcentral Alaska region. View the photo galleries and descriptions about each parish visit.

St. Andrew Kim – Anchorage, AK

Archbishop Etienne celebrates the Liturgy with Fr Nam Kim at the Archdiocese’s Korean parish, St. Andrew Kim.  Sunday, April 2, 11:00 am.  The parishioners welcomed the Archbishop at a luncheon following Mass.

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St. Bernard – Talkeetna, AK

Rounding out a weekend of fellowship with the parishes and missions in the Valley, after celebrating Mass in Willow, Archbishop Etienne and Fr. Joseph McGilloway drove up to Talkeetna to celebrate the Liturgy in the gateway of Denali with the members of St. Bernard of Mentone parish and its mission, St. Phillip Benizi. Time constraints did not allow a Mass at both, but Archbishop promised to return soon to celebrate Mass at St. Philli Benizi with the folks who came over to St. Bernard to meet the new Archbishop. Mass was followed by a full luncheon and good fellowship with the members of both churches. These are the farthest north parish and mission in the Archdiocese of Anchorage.

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St. Christopher Mission – Willow, AK

Archbishop Etienne worked his way up the Parks Highway to celebrate Mass with parishioners and visitors at the Valley parishes and missions. After spending the night in Big Lake, on Sunday March 12, Archbishop and Fr. Joseph McGilloway, Pastor, visited St. Christopher Mission in Willow, Alaska, nearly halfway between Big Lake and Talkeetna. On the way from Big Lake to Willow, Archbishop and Fr. Joseph counted 21 moose along the roadway. After Mass, parishioners hosted Archbishop for a visit with good food and good company.

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Our Lady of the Lake – Big Lake, AK

On Saturday, March 11, Archbishop Etienne celebrated the Liturgy with Fr. Mark Stronach, OSB, and the parishioners at Our Lady of the Lake Parish in Big Lake, Alaska.  This was the start of his weekend of parish visits in the Mat-Su Valley.  Mass was at 6:00 pm, Saturday, followed by a wonderful fellowship pot-luck dinner held in the parish hall.

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Our Lady of the Snows – Girdwood, AK

On Sunday, February 26, Archbishop Etienne visited Our Lady of Snows Mission in Girdwood, Alaska, to celebrate the liturgy with Fr. Steven Moore and the local parishioners and visitors.  Mass was followed by an informal meet and greet potluck dinner where Archbishop had a chance to chat with folks.  In an effort to meet the people of his Archdiocese, Archbishop is working his way around to all the parishes and missions in the vast Southcentral Alaska archdiocese.

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St. John the Baptist – Homer, AK

St. Peter the Apostle – Ninilchik, AK

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