Health and Wellness Ministries

What is Faith Community Nursing?
The Faith Community Nurse is a Registered Nurse who acts under the Nurse Practice Act to provide:
• Integrated health and healing
• Act as an advocate in matters of health
• Provide education regarding issues of mental, physical and spiritual health
• Provide personal counseling regarding health
• Facilitate and develop support groups related to issues of health
• Act as a source of referrals and as a liaison with other health care providers
• Train and act as a resource for other Ministry of Health Volunteers

What is Health and Wellness Ministry? Health and Wellness Ministry Teams are open to health care professionals who are not nurses, as well as anyone who is interested integrating health & healing with faith & service within the local parish setting.

The Goal of Faith Community Nursing/Health and Wellness Ministry: The goal of Parish Nursing and Parish Ministries of Health is to participate in the ongoing transformation of the faith community into a source of health and healing in collaboration with the pastoral staff and the congregation.

Spirituality: Faith Community Nursing / Health Ministry promote the intentional integration of the practice of faith with the practice of health and healing.  As a result, personal spiritual formation is essential.  Faith Community Nurse and Team members regularly share in prayer and reflection on the impact of faith on health and healing, as well as the ways in which faith sustains them in their ministry.

Faith Community Nursing in the Archdiocese: In 2005, Providence Medical Center made a commitment to Faith Community Nursing in the municipality of Anchorage by appointing an RN as coordinator, educator and resource person for Catholic parishes and churches of any denomination interested in starting a Faith Community Nurse / Health Ministry team in their local church community.  Currently there are nine Catholic parishes with Faith Community Nurse /Health Ministry teams within the Archdiocese.  In addition, Health Community Nurses from around the city meet on a monthly basis for prayer, continuing education and support.

Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Preparation Course

The Alaska Faith Community Nurse Resource Center at Providence is holding Foundations of Faith Community Nursing preparation course. This course is designed to provide the basic knowledge and skills needed to initiate a faith community–nursing ministry.

Participants will explore the history, philosophy, and ethical practice of faith community nursing as well as legal issues, accountability, and documentation. The role of faith community nursing will be explored through experiential hands-on learning opportunities. In addition, the course will provide tools and resources that ministries of health can use to initiate disease prevention and health promotion programs. Lastly, participants will recognize their role in facilitating prayer, worship, and functioning within a ministerial team.

What is faith community nursing? Faith community nursing is recognized as a nursing specialty by the American Nurses Association and is guided by its own Scope and Standards of Practice. The faith community nurse is an Alaskan licensed registered nurse, who has obtained advanced education in the specialty of faith community nursing. Faith community nurses provide education and opportunities for health promotion and disease prevention, as well as a healing presence for the people they serve.

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