Parish Appreciation Series: St. Francis Xavier

From Fr. Eric Wiseman:

“One of the obvious challenges is not being able to celebrate Mass with the good people of St. Francis Xavier.  It is especially hard for parishioners (and their priest!) during Holy Week.  There is some comfort in the available live-streamed Masses; however, they will never fulfill the need for true person-to-person contact.

We have used livestream technology successfully for Wednesday evening meetings, reflection and prayer–the nice part about this tool is that people who don’t have internet can call in and at least hear the voices of their parish family.  We will pray the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday in this way, too.  It doesn’t substitute for the ecumenical stations we had last year with our Lutheran/Episcopalian neighbors, but it will suffice.  We pray that we can return to “normal” for next year’s Holy Week.

One of the bright blessings in this dark period is contact by telephone.  Meeting with each other provides an avenue of light as we joyfully talk with each other.  Another bright blessing is calling those persons I used to visit in their homes.  Just saying the Prayer of Spiritual Communion together lifts my spirits.”

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About the Parish Appreciation Series:

We asked several parishes 3 simple questions:

  • What challenges are you facing right now?
  • How are you addressing these challenges at your parish?
  • How has your parish community been blessed, despite these difficult times?

The responses have been nothing short of overwhelming: we received over 6,000 words from over 15 parishes, full of hope and courage to face the unknown in service to God’s people. Through this series of posts, each parish shares their story as we’ve received them, with minimal editing, to allow the voice of each person to speak, in all their humanness.

We pray that they inspire you to hope, just as they have inspired us. Stay safe out there, guys.

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