Parish Appreciation Series: Our Lady of Perpetual Help

From Fr. Patrick Brosamer

“My biggest challenge has been being away from my community. It just occurred to me a few days ago that it has been over a month since I have had any kind of physical contact with another person. That is a first! More importantly, though, I just miss everyone.

It’s been a great challenge and a blessing to many families as they have learned to share the sacrifices of being cooped up together at home. I have a huge rectory to myself, but I can’ share it with anyone due to stay at home and social distancing regs. But many of my parishioners have expressed to me how much this has been a reminder of the importance of spending time together, even when families do drive each other stark, raving bonkers.

I have been livestreaming my Masses each day, and learning how to do that was a huge pain. I had to say Mass four times back-to-back Saturday evening the third weekend of Lent because each time the camera wasn’t working right. The first two times I couldn’t get the camera I borrowed to stay filming for more than a few minutes, and the third time I was using my iPhone to record myself at the altar, but I had the phone set to ‘Photo’ instead of ‘Video’. Grrrr! By the fourth time I was pious on the outside but seething with anger and frustration on the inside.  But people have expressed how much they appreciate it, and most of my congregation tunes in on Sunday. So it keeps the community going during physical separation.

When we get back together again (hopefully after a few weeks) we’re going to have a rager of a party!”

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About the Parish Appreciation Series:

We asked several parishes 3 simple questions:

  • What challenges are you facing right now?
  • How are you addressing these challenges at your parish?
  • How has your parish community been blessed, despite these difficult times?

The responses have been nothing short of overwhelming: we received over 6,000 words from over 15 parishes, full of hope and courage to face the unknown in service to God’s people. Through this series of posts, each parish shares their story as we’ve received them, with minimal editing, to allow the voice of each person to speak, in all their humanness.

We pray that they inspire you to hope, just as they have inspired us. Stay safe out there, guys.

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