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Special Event: Solstice Mass

Join us for Mass on the Solstice at Sacred Heart Cemetery (2671 S Bills Way, Wasilla) on June 21 at 8:00pm. More information about this event can be read in this article by the Catholic Anchor (click here).

Questions? Contact Dan Belanger: 907-297-7733 (office) or 907-232-7841 (cell).

About the Cemeteries

The Church is present to us, the living, in Baptism, celebrating the growth and development of faith through sacraments during our life times: feeding our bodies and souls through the Eucharist, confirming our faith, blessing our marriages, reconciling our life with God and the community, anointing our sick, ordaining our priests.

It is only fitting for the Church to be present to us after death into eternal life.

Catholic Cemeteries Locations

Memorial Park Cemetery in Anchorage, Alaska
Sacred Heart Cemetery in Wasilla, Alaska
The Cloister Cemetery at St. Patrick’s Parish

Catholic Cemeteries Contact

Consultant, Dan Belanger: 907-297-7733
or send a message using our Archdiocesan contact form

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