Office of Tribunal

The mission of the Tribunal is to provide justice for all persons who approach the Church’s court system for a Decree of Nullity (annulment) or other judgments per the Code of Canon Law.

The Church is aware of the stresses in our modern world associated with marital breakdown and divorce. The Church endeavors to reach out to the pain and hurt of a divorced person, while upholding the permanence of a valid marriage. By declaring null those marriages which fall below the minimum standards set by canon law, the Church protects the dignity of marriage for those couples who have a valid marriage.

The Tribunal is a Church court, which makes investigations of marriages that may be null. Such declarations can often help the divorced person who has remarried or is intending another marriage in the Catholic Church. It may also assist a divorced Catholic who is seeking clarification of his or her status in the church.

Tribunal Documents

Tribunal Contacts

Anchorage Office of Tribunal: 907-297-7724
or send a message using our Archdiocesan contact form

  • Judicial Vicar, Fr. Patrick J. Travers, JCL, JD
  • Judge, Dcn. William Finnegan, JCL
  • Defender of the Bond, Fr. Scott Garrett, JCL
  • Case Manager, Sr. Joan Oberle, CPPS
  • Auditor, Jenny Michaelson, LBSW, MPS
  • Administrative Assistant, Angie Cagle, JD, MLIS

Fairbanks Office of Tribunal: 907-374-9516
Tribunal Administrator, Ms. Barbara Thieme Tolliver

Juneau Office of Tribunal: 907-789-7330

  • Judicial Vicar, Rev. Patrick J. Travers
  • Tribunal Assistant, Chuch VanKirk


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